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The user enters a text-based command or a simple drawing into our platform.
The AI image generator analyzes the command or drawing and uses a set of algorithms to create an image.
The generated image is shown to the user. The user can edit and customize the image.
The user can sell the image on the NFT marketplace or buy it from the pool of images.

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AI Image Generator FAQs

In Artino Studio AI, users can earn by selling the images they create on the NFT marketplace.

1024 x 1024 px is the standard size. But with the $AIRTINO token you can upgrade your account and create images up to 6000 px.

Yes, on a free account you can create 2 alternative images at the same time, on a premium account you can create 16 different alternative images at the same time.

Artino Studio AI is a powerful tool that allows you to turn your imagination into reality without limiting your creativity. The platform opens a new window into the world of visual art, allowing users to create unlimited and original content.

It is an ideal project for visual designers, marketing professionals, artists, educators, entertainment seekers, people who want to earn and anyone who wants to visualize their creative ideas.